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ATLASTEK : Your Software Partner

ATLASTEK is the result of an international joint venture between two corporations both specialized in providing web based technologies and software solutions to their clients.

ATLASTEK’s experience combined with its thorough understanding of the software market and licensing solutions enables us to provide you the best services, while emphasizing for excellence and focusing on providing an immediate response to any of its customer’s request.

Our expertise can save your company or organization a fortune in the purchase and management of software assets.

With the same consideration, ATLASTEK’s goal is to provide the finest software licensing and services solutions at the best price to its customers.

ATLASTEK offers superior tailor made licensing solutions from the world’s software manufacturers to Small and Medium-sized Businesses and has developed a large network in order to provide to your company the best software for its corporate needs.

ATLASTEK has also recently become a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in the license management of all Microsoft software and is also a Microsoft SPLA global reseller to your company and clients regardless of the number of users, the country of origin or destination of services.

ATLASTEK’s philosophy is based on the principle that all customers, large and small, must be provided with personalized one-on-one service, a single address for every client, backed up by a human and software network, which is provided to your company immediately with any required information, price quotes, and additional services. Response time and suitability to your business needs is our first and utmost important achievement.

ATLASTEK also recognizes the importance of ongoing professional training as a way of maintaining and improving service to customers.

All these strengths combined will make ATLASTEK YOUR SOFTWARE PARTNER.

ATLASTEK’s sales network is divided in four main departments:

SMB Software Department – providing software licensing solutions from the world’s program manufacturers to Small and Medium-sized Businesses typically involving organizations with approximately 5 to 250 PC users.

Microsoft Software Provider License Agreement (SPLA) - specializing in providing global licensing solution to companies and organizations allowing their clients and customers to access their servers while allocating them the rights to use Microsoft software

Web Hosting – providing solutions to customers from industry-leading Web hosting services including shared or dedicated servers, internet services, domain names registration, ftp services, emails and administrative tools together with support.

Software Asset Management (SAM) – services including all procedures required for the management, monitoring, software assets protection for your organization, throughout their life cycle, and integrating the legal constraints regarding the licenses and installed applications.

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Kemeraltı Cad. Öney İş Hanı No:2 Kat:6 34425 - Karaköy - Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Tel : +90 (212) 293 80 55

Fax: +90 (212) 292 33 98

Web: www.atlastek.com.tr

E-mail: info@atlastek.com.tr

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