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Software Asset Management

The SAM is used to designate all procedures required for the management, monitoring and asset protection for software throughout their life cycle. It also regulates the process of the firm and integrates the legal constraints in a cost effectively managing software program in relation to license compliance, usage and demand.

A successful Software Asset Management solution would ensure your company to eliminate many unnecessary costs, boost its IT efficiencies, reduce licensing and support costs and manage legal risks.

ATLASTEK can help your company to optimize and manage its software licenses.

You can sign-up for our partner SAManage, a leading provider of on-demand (SaaS) IT and Software Asset Management online services. You can create your online 30-days trial account and start using the service immediately.


You can also contact us to get directly Asset Management Consultancy Services for your company or organization.


SAM helps your organization with:

  • ensuring license compliance
  • encouraging cost savings - evaluate license shortfalls and overages
  • encouraging detailed license procurement thorough plans for current and future purchases and automatically audit software
  • eliminating or relocating unused software licenses
  • standardizing the desktop environment
  • complying with government regulations and contractual obligations
  • gaining IT and helpdesk efficiencies
  • automating inventory processes
  • monitoring unauthorized software installations


Most of Asset Management Software will

  • Records the number of licenses purchased
  • Tracks copies currently in use across the organization infrastructure
  • Find out if your company uses copies exceeding the license quota
  • License monitoring
  • Facility to record location of license details and information


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